The Industry’s Best Glass Practices & Safety Initiatives

Windshield Repair Company

We’re committed to protecting your safety by installing your windshield with exacting standards. We are the top window replacement company in the New England area and we strive for customer satisfaction in every completed job. Every Portland Glass® Service Center follows identical quality standards and procedures. From our tools to our techniques, we’ve adopted best glass practices and safety initiatives, so you can be confident that your windshield will be installed properly, no matter which Portland Glass® location you receive service from. For the best quality glass service, including windshield repair and window replacement, contact Portland Glass®. We proudly serve Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

SmarTech Engineered Installation System

SmarTech is the system that delivers our best glass practices, safety initiatives and all other technical issues. It offers graphics, drawings and illustrations to guide the specialist through even the most complex auto glass installation.

SmarTech is a product of Portland Glass’® longstanding commitment to safety, knowledge, experience, and leadership. SmarTech enables us to continue to distinguish ourselves in the industry by sharing our collective wealth of knowledge and applying it to serve our customer’s needs.

Service Center Cleanliness

Portland Glass® demands orderly, standardized, clean and sustained service center environments. This is as much for our customer as it is for us. We prefer to have our working environment contain the same performance and quality that we put into our actual windshield repair service. Our customers will experience a true professional atmosphere that only the top ranked windshield repair company in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont can provide. Portland Glass® wants to prove to you that we provide the best glass related services on the East Coast.


We use only the safest, most efficient tools and equipment. Some of our tools, such as the Equalizer Sting Ray™, were designed and patented by glass installation specialists.

The Lil-Buddy™ mobile installation tool was designed by glass specialists to satisfy an important installation concern – one-man installations of large windshields while in the field.

The Lil-Buddy™ allows safe precise installation of every mobile windshield.

These tools keep Portland Glass® on the cutting edge of installation technology.

Environmentally Controlled Atmosphere

Our specialists treat your vehicle’s pinchweld, prepared urethane bed and the glass itself with a surgical discipline. Because skin can leave oils that can compromise a windshield installation, our specialists wear Nitrile gloves while handling the glass or touching the prepared urethane bed.

The process of bonding glass (an inert, non-porous substrate) to the vehicle’s body requires a sophisticated chemical protocol. Preps, primers and catalysts all act together quickly to create bonds with remarkable strengths and unique properties. We thoroughly clean the new windshield and treat the perimeter with a two-component solution that prepares the glass for a tenacious bond.

In short, every step of the process from cutout to the setting of the glass is controlled for contamination that could interfere with adhesion and ultimate strength – and the personal safety of our customers and their passengers.

At Portland Glass®, we deliver quality long-lasting results for your windshield!

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